Broken Social Scene Deliver Surprise Album ‘Live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, 2003’

Broken Social Scene Deliver Surprise Album ‘Live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, 2003’

Today, Canadian indie rocker Broken Social Scene have released a new surprise album cut from a 2003 concert at Phoenix Concert Theatre in the band’s native Toronto. Live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, 2003 is available digitally or through a limited edition cassette release now.

From Dec. 3 through 5, 2003, Broken Social Scene played three sold-out hometown shows at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. The shows supported the group’s sophomore album, You Forgot It In People, and occurred after they had returned from an international tour that brought them through the U.K. and Europe. 

The collection features songs from You Forgot It In People, as well as select tracks off their self-titled 2005 album, Broken Social Scene, and a 15-minute take on “It’s All Gonna Break.” Also included in the collection is a rare rendition of the fan-favorite “Jimmy and the Photocall,” which the band has shared in video format today. Watch below.  

“To commemorate the 20th anniversary of You Forgot It In People I dug into my archive and put together this live version of ‘Jimmy and the Photocall,’ one of my favorite Broken Social Scene songs that has never been released,” revealed Chung. “We captured the entire show in standard definition on glorious Mini DV and whatever cameras and recording equipment we could beg or borrow. We are happy to share this with you 20 years later.”

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